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Vital Signs (a Poem)

Sunday, May 8th, was National Student Nurses Day. To recognize nurses' hard work both at the Los Angeles Jewish Home and at hospitals around the country, a group of students at the Jewish Home's Annenberg School of Nursing got together and wrote an excellent poem summarizing how our nursing staff checks residents' vital signs.

By: Daniela Barzall-Sola, Debbie Nguyen, Mary Flittner, Nicole DeGuzman & Monique Leung

Vital signs are important to measure.
A patient's life is one to treasure.
The blood pressure can say a lot.
120/80 is your best shot.
140/90 is hypertension.
This blood pressure needs attention.
Temperature can be taken many ways.
Tympanic is all the clinic craze.
It can be taken under the arm, or in the mouth,
In the ear, or down south.
Pulse should be between 60 and 90 beats,
Apical, brachial, radial, and the one near the feets.
100 or more beat is tachycardia,
60 or below is bradycardia.
Respiration is second to last,
12 to 20 is neither slow nor fast.
Now it's time for the fifth vital sign,
Pail level should be checked every time.
It can be a reason vital signs aren't right,
So do not forget them or Mr. Cooper will put up a fight.
So that's all the info for today.
That's how you make sure the patients are okay.

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