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My Full Circle Trip with the Jewish Home

From the Winter 2011 edition of The Chai Journal

By Nettie Freeman

In 1986, I sold my art gallery and picture framing business. My first inclination was what meaningful volunteer task would I wish to venture into. Without hesitation I found myself at the Jewish Home volunteer office. My first assignment was visiting the residents who did not have any friends or family nearby. I spent many hours enjoying the company of so many itneresting people, sharing their life experience and family histories.

After some time, I was to become the buyer of apparel for the gift shop. Because of my personal contacts at the California Mart downtown, I was very happy to be helpful in that capactiy. After three years of volunteering in these very fulfilling tasks, I took on a new volunteering hat at my temple, Valley Beth Shalom. I became a counselor at our counseling office. I spent 20 years in that capacity, and must admit it was a most gratifying experience, helping my clients in their troubled situations.

Now let's fast forward to September 2009. Due to medical challenges, I had to relinquish my driving privileges. My first consideration was applying to the Jewish Home, my familiar landmark. So here I am, back at the Home, in a neighborhood home at Eisenberg Village with three fabulous roommates...and I couldn't be happier. What a great journey I have had with my wonderful experiences at the Home, and yes, I am volunteering again and a new member of the Chai Journal committee.

The Chai Journal is a print publication written and edited by Los Angeles Jewish Home residents.

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