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Chanukah Video Success!

Earlier this month, we released a brand new Chanukah video featuring some of our talented, adorable residents. At the time, with about two weeks left until we started in on our eight crazy nights, we crossed our fingers and hoped the short would be well received.

It was.

We'd like to thank all the folks who helped spread our Chanukah video around. Whether you posted it as a Facebook status, on your Twitter feed, emailed it to your friends and family, or simply clicked the thumbs up button on the YouTube page, we appreciate it.

We'd also like to give a quick hat tip to all the bloggers who posted the video to their sites!

From Jewish Humor Central:
Today's entry demonstrates you don't have to be a schoolboy, a teenager, or a college student to participate in a funny video about Chanukah. This video stars a collection of seniors at the Los Angeles Jewish Home, all joining in to create a collective version of the song Chanukah, Oh Chanukah.

Our favorite line: "Sevivon? Now we're French?" Listen for it. Enjoy!

From Shades of Grey:
If you're in the mood for a bunch of bubbes and zaides have a fun time singing/celebrating Chanukah, check out the rather funny video by The LA Jewish Home called "Happy Chanukah From the Jewish Home!"

From the Jewish Women's Archive blog Jewesses with Attitude:
Who doesn't like old Jewish folks? We join the Jewish community in "awws" over the LA Jewish Home's endearing Chanuka Hanukkah Chanukah video.

From the Interfaith Family Network Blog:
How do you spell the name of this holiday in English? And what's the deal with latkes? From the senior citizens at the Los Angeles Jewish Home, some of the more pressing questions of the season:

And let's not forget the blogs Life in Israel, Jacob Richman's blog, and The Daily Rabbi.

A massive thank you to all who shared our video! We hope you enjoyed it, and hope all who have yet to see it laugh just as hard as we did.

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