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Time Keepers

By Alice Kulick, 88
Jewish Home resident

As I was watching Good Morning America, an author of the book “Time Keeper” came on. His concept on how we use time got me thinking about time and how we use it all our lives. We used our time as children at play, school and growing up to high school, proms and then onto college. When we married and had children, our time went very fast. Raising our children was a full-time job. Our home and family was so busy, we just didn’t know how much time had passed.

The years and our time also passed swiftly. Our ages also passed with time. Before we knew wit, we were senior citizens. Now we had lots of time. But how were we using it? We now enjoy our lives in the beautiful Jewish Home. But do we spend our days in our rooms watching TV or do we volunteer in the mail room, conduct tours, help our in the volunteer office? There are many jobs to volunteer for and committees to be a part of. We are all time keepers. Everyone has time but how we choose to use it can make our lives more valuable.

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