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Spring at the Home

Heaven is under our feet
     as well
As over our heads  ~Thoreau

At the 2012 Largest Mother's Day Celebration in the World, Jewish Home resident Ella Kalan, 101, read a touching poem that melted the hearts of everyone there. We just had to share.

Spring at the Home

Slowly, I walk along the rainbow colored
     garden paths
Still sparkling with early morning dew
My heart leaps with joy and
At the magical sights I view.

The trees are dripping pink blossoms on
     growing things below
The roses are all in full bloom
     bursting with love
          and perfrume
     setting one's soul aglow.

Intoxicated with the fragrance
     The bees are buzzing wildly
          among the purple lavenders
          they kiss and sip the nectar
               like greedy scavengers.

I watch a pair of humming birds
     dancing from tree to tree
     They do some pirouettes - then fly free
          to rest at the bubbling fountain

"Tis there - behind the fountains rocks -
          I spy
     some frightened little dandelions.
I hold my breath and look up at the sky
     As the gardener passes them by
Among the fleecy clouds I see
          God smile

~Ella Kalan

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