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Sweethearts Day

A Poem by Ellis Simon, 87
Jewish Home Resident

To all the ladies at the JHA
The time has come for you to say
Come on guys, get off your duff
Then take our hand, as you huff and puff

When you take our hand, don't squeeze too much
The arthritis we have responds to touch
The tenderness you show, helps ease the pain
As we walk down the hall, you, me, and my cane

We get to the library, and sit side by side
As the real good feelings a try to hide
You whisper in my ear, but your words seem to fade
The battery went out in my hearing aid

You ask me to dance, I'm happy as can be
When you take me in your arms, it's heaven for me
You start to cough, and stick out your tongue
I guess it's too much for your one lung

We both get up, and go back to my room
You give me a peck, and my heart goes boom
You walk down the hall, I watch as you go
You say, "I'm a very happy lady, I now have a beau!"

Though i joke around, this is my wish for all
Then we would all be happy, and have a ball
Then our troubles would disappear
And everyone would be happy, I say hear, hear.

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