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Caption Contest!

It's time to participate in the Jewish Home's first caption contest!

Every other month, we'll be posting a meme of our residents in action (a total of 6 times). Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to think of the funniest, most creative caption you can think of, and post it as a comment. Then, get as many of our friends to like you caption as you can.

The commenters with the top three most liked captions will be announced the following Friday.

At the end of the year, the top comments from each of the six caption contests throughout the year will be entered into a drawing, and three of you will away with some amazing prizes! Seriously, we're not kidding. There'll be prizes!!!

1st Prize: iPad Mini
2nd Prize: $50 gift card to Amazon
3rd Prize: $25 gift card to Amazon

And now for the rules and details:
  • All winners must live in the United States.
  • The Jewish Home will notify prize winners by Facebook post and private Facebook message after the drawing takes place in December.
  • Jewish Home fan page administrators reserve the right to delete/remove any caption or comment it determines to be inappropriate.
  • Jewish Home employees can participate in the caption contest, but their participation cannot interfere with normal operations at the Home. Should participation in the contest lead to an employee's inability to complete normal job duties—as determined by his or her supervisor—the employee will be disqualified from that month's contest.
  • When the drawing for prize winners takes place, if a winner's account has been removed from Facebook, if a winner chooses not to reply within a reasonable amount of time to requests for contact information, or if the winner is unable to redeem the prize, the award will be nullified and given to the next runner up. In the event the aforementioned circumstances apply to the 3rd prize winner, a new winner will be chosen by drawing from the remaining finalists.
Good luck!

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