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Putting Family First: A Way to Help Us While Helping Yourself

Have you ever felt a desire to help ensure that the important work of the Los Angeles Jewish Home continues for years to come? If you've silenced that inner voice because you have concerns about your own family's needs, a planned giving option called a life income gift may be your win-win solution.

Many of our donors choose a life income plan to find more flexibility — and often more tax benefits — than they can receive from simply writing a check.

Your Win-Win Solution
A life income arrangement lets you receive regular payments for yourself or others you choose — for example, your spouse, your aging parents, or a sibling — for a lifetime. After the lifetimes of those receiving payments, the remaining assets support our cause.

Other possible benefits of a life income arrangement include:

  • Receiving a money-saving federal income tax deduction in the year you make the gift.
  • Increasing your current income.
  • Qualifying for generous estate and gift tax benefits.
The next blog will tell you more about a charitable gift annuity — one type of life income arrangement that can help provide security for you and your family for life, and then us thereafter. If you have questions, please contact Aaron Levinson at (818) 757-4416 or aaron.levinson@jha.org. We'd be happy to speak with you about gift annuities or other life income gift arrangements that could work for you — without obligation.

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