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Annenberg School's VN Class of 2015

Annenberg School's VN Class of 2015Offering a variety of classes throughout the year, the Annenberg School of Nursing (ASN) is an ever-bustling hub of education. The school offers three ongoing programs — vocational nurse, nurse assistant, and home health aide. Currently, the vocational nursing (VN) course is in session. 

The vocational nurse program commenced at the beginning of this year with twenty-three students, six of whom have completed Annenberg's nurse assistant course in the past. The twelve month program — which will conclude in February of next year — prepares students for the NCLEX-PN® licensing exam. The class is made up of 17 females and 6 males, with the youngest of the class 18 years old and the oldest student 46 years old.

Although the program is full time, eleven of the twenty-three students enrolled are also working part time. Six are employees of the Jewish Home. Seventeen of the students have applied for financial aid in order to accommodate the costs of tuition.

Once the course is completed, a number of the prospective vocational nurses plan to care for the elderly and quite a few students intend to pursue employment at the Home. Almost all of the students in the VN course have plans to continue their education and become registered nurses. 

Whether they're studying to become a nurse assistant, home health aide, or vocational nurse, students from all walks of life are welcome to discover and master nursing at the Annenberg School of Nursing. Director Marie Cordeiro explains, "We provide our students with an exceptionally supportive and inclusive learning environment so they can acquire the hands-on skills they need to excel in their future careers. There is not a better place in Southern California to study nursing."

If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling in ASN's VN course, the school will host an open house on Tuesday, November 18th at 5:00pm. Space is limited, please call the number below to register. If vocational nursing is not for you, you can learn about ASN's fantastic nurse assistant and home health aide programs by contacting admissions coordinator Cindy Thomas at (818) 757-4431 or Cindy.Thomas@jha.org, or by visiting the ASN website at www.asn.edu.