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The Welfare of Medically Needy

There are approximately 75 residents in the Los Angeles Jewish Home’s assisted living that qualify for the welfare (Medi-Cal) Medically Needy Only (MNO) program.  There are close to 12000 individuals across the state that qualify, and that would greatly benefit if this program is expanded.  The MNO program recipients are provided just $20/month as a personal spending allowance.  This $20 must cover over the counter drugs, clothing, shampoo and a variety of personal items such as hearing aid batteries and denture repairs.  Twenty dollars is insufficient to cover these basic necessities. This amount does not even begin to address the various drug store sundries essential to keeping up one’s health.  The dignity of our MNO recipient population is not being preserved by only providing $20 as a monthly stipend for their needs.  Join the Jewish Home’s efforts, and spread the word about our initiative to help our residents get what they need.