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Beautifying the Dining Room

Beautifying the  Dining Room
On Monday, January 12th, Jewish Home residents Evelyn Selbert, Beatrice Hoffman, Jan Crane, Grace Peshkin, and Ida Garber assembled in the Eisenberg Village Boardroom to be part of a brand new activity — Flower Arranging.

Equipped with wire cutters, scissors, vases, red and white silk roses, and an assortment of artificial grass and sprigs, the five women had everything they needed to start their project.
As the group grew quiet and began to focus on the task at hand, activities director Caryl Geiger explained, "We have enough supplies to create 72 arrangements — one centerpiece for each table in the dining room. So be sure to make each and every bouquet as beautiful as possible." And with that, the room began to buzz as the women grew excited at the thought of their artistry being exhibited in such a public place.
Energized by the collaborative environment, the project was successfully completed within the hour. The beginner florists then gathered the collection of completed arrangements and took a moment to admire their handiwork. Beatrice Hoffman commented, "We're all novices here. None of us have taken any lessons on how to arrange flowers. To see completed arrangements all together is simply gorgeous. What a wonderful experience."
In reflection of the activity, Caryl commented, "By displaying the hand-arranged floral centerpieces in the dining room, we are able to enhance our seniors' dining experience while showcasing the excellent work done by our new florists."
The program was an incredible success and the group of budding florists are looking forward to meeting again in a few months to create new arrangements for the spring season.
"You know what's funny?" Evelyn asked. "I've never arranged a bouquet in my life. I don't even consider myself a flower person." To which Caryl replied, "But now you are, darling!"