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The Home's Seniors Thank Our Firefighters

In order to thank the local firefighters for all of the incredible work they do, the seniors of the Jewish Home invited the brave men from Tarzana Fire Station 93 to the Home for a delicious lunch.

On Wednesday, March 18th, Eisenberg Village residents could be found lining up along the campus' many walkways. Droves of seniors came out to welcome the parade of esteemed men in uniform. 

As soon as the visitors took their seats at the table of honor, staff served the gentlemen ice cold bottles of non-alcoholic beer, bowls of delectable chili, buttery slices of cornbread, and scrumptious red velvet cupcakes. 

While the gentlemen enjoyed the delicious meal, residents and staff members took turns with the microphone, recited poems of gratitude and shared memories of times when firefighters made an impact on their lives in the past. In closing, the firefighters thanked the seniors for a wonderful time, said their goodbyes, and returned to another day of demanding work.

Susan Leitch, community manager at the Goldenberg∙Ziman Special Care Center and Factor Nursing Building was integral in facilitating this lovely luncheon. “It was a humbling experience for both the Home’s seniors and the firefighters,” says Susan. “I’m glad we were all able to come together to host today’s lunch and recognize this incredible team for everything they do.”

On behalf of the Jewish Home, thank you to all the brave men and women who dedicate their lives to serving our community each and every day.