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Virtual Bowling Strikes at Fountainview

Virtual Bowling  Strikes at FountainviewFountainview at Eisenberg Village is home to more than one hundred thirty active seniors with independent lifestyles. A handful of these spirited seniors recently became enamored with an incredibly trendy activity: fitness gaming.
Wii Sports is an interactive video game that lets players virtually partake in activities such as golf, tennis, baseball, boxing, and bowling. Because these sports are solely based in the virtual world, they allow the player to enjoy the sport without leaving the comfort and safety of their own homes. Just like in real life, these simulated sports provide gamers with an outlet for physical activity and friendly camaraderie.

Of all the activities offered in the Wii Sports repertoire, bowling has emerged as the clear favorite among Fountainview residents. With Wii bowling, seniors can attain the nostalgic feeling of playing the classic sport with a simple swing of the arm.

Fountainview director of resident services Shelley Smilen explains, "Wii Sports is an incredible tool for seniors. Our residents can forget about the hassles of driving down to the bowling alley, lugging around heavy balls, and wearing slippery shoes. Instead, they can take a short two minute walk to the Creative Arts Studio, grab a Wii Remote and play a few frames while catching up with teammates. This low-impact activity is a great way for our seniors to exercise and to participate in a sport they might not have normally been physically able to do."

Wii Bowling also gives participants another way to socialize with others in the community. The Fountainview Bowling Team often attends Wii Bowling tournaments at neighboring senior communities, where the proud members of the Fountainview Bowling Team don their neon green polo shirts and put on game faces.
Ninety-two-year-old Fountainview resident and bowling enthusiast Sam Berman takes each game very seriously. After an incredible amount of practice and real life experience, Sam has mastered Wii Bowling. In fact, he's thrown so many strikes he almost always bowls a perfect game. To date, Sam has bowled 62 perfect games, but he's still looking for new ways to win. "I'm constantly testing out new techniques," says Sam. "For example, I'll try putting a fresh spin on the ball or holding the Wii Remote in a different position. The way I see it, there's always room for improvement."
Whenever Sam sees his friends are in need of a little guidance, he is ready to lend a helping hand. On one occasion, a team member became frustrated with a poor score. Sam stepped in and offered a suggestion on how to position his virtual character in order to bowl more successfully. Sure enough, on his next try, the teammate managed to bowl a strike. Sam congratulated his peer with an enthusiastic pat on the back. Sam exclaimed, "You got it! I knew you had it in you!"
Wii Bowling is just one of the many engaging activities and programs residents can choose. Fountainview's active seniors also enjoy exciting games of poker and bridge, thought provoking discussions and lessons, challenging salsa and ballroom dancing classes, and much more.
To meet Fountainview residents and experience their active lifestyle firsthand, join us for a tour. Make your reservation today by contacting the Fountainview marketing department at 818.654.5550.