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MNO Update: Bill 1319 Passed by Health Committee

We are pleased to announce we have reached a benchmark in our efforts to improve the quality of life for our frail and needy seniors. On Wednesday, April 29th, the California Senate Committee on Health passed Assembly Bill 1319 with a unanimous vote on behalf of the welfare (Medi-Cal) Medically Needy Only (MNO) beneficiaries. However, we still need your help. Bill 1319 will soon be presented to the Committee on Appropriations. With your support, we can put an end to this social injustice. There are several ways you can help:

·         Spread the word to your friends and family members about the MNO initiative and urge them to become involved and support Assembly Bill 1319.
·         Share our blog with friends and family to see details and updates on our website: http://blog.jha.org/
·         Copy, paste and personalize the following letter to send to your California State Assembly person to urge them to support AB 1319. This website can assist you if you do not know who represents your district: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

Dear California Representative,

I write you on behalf of the welfare (Medi-Cal) Medically Needy Only (MNO) beneficiaries throughout the state of California. This is a critical issue that is now affecting more than 6,000 of California’s financially needy elderly, including many residents of the Los Angeles Jewish Home.
Financially needy MNO recipients are allowed to keep only $20/month as a personal spending allowance. This $20 must cover over-the-counter drugs, clothing, shampoo and a variety of personal items, such as hearing aid batteries and denture repairs. Twenty dollars a month is insufficient to cover these basic necessities. It does not even begin to address the drug store sundries essential to keeping up one’s health.

California’s financially needy elderly truly need your support in this extremely urgent matter.  You can assist us by bringing this issue to the attention of those who can intervene with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Please, we urge you to give this your full consideration and help us make a significant improvement in the lives of our elderly.


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