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Eisenberg Village Residents Confer in Current Events Class

Eisenberg Village  Residents Confer in Current Events Class<Each Wednesday, a group of Eisenberg Village residents gather to learn the latest news from around the world. The seniors excitedly listen to the recapping of newsworthy events and occurrences by volunteer class leader Richard Bliss.
In a recent class, Richard introduced interesting topics such as the United States' nuclear negotiations with Iran, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's exclusive use of a private email account, the invention of a non-lethal, real-life heat ray, the discovery of a lost WWII battleship, the armed burglary of 275 pounds of gold bars off of a broken-down armored truck, and the results of a recent study on the benefits of drinking black coffee.

Throughout the class, the seniors were fascinated by the thought-provoking topics. Volunteer Richard says it's common for the room to buzz with comments and observations after he summarizes each news story. In fact, he encourages discussion and debate among the seniors.

"My goal is to make sure the Home's seniors stay informed about what's going on around the world," says Richard. "It's very interesting to see what topics seniors feel strongly about. Oftentimes, when the seniors share their opinions about an issue, they tend to disagree. We're all here to socialize and learn new things together, so it's actually nice when people debate topics. It's great that together we can sample new ways of thinking and possibly cultivate a new point of view in a mature way."

Certainly, seniors benefit from such a socially engaging and stimulating activity. When seniors participate in this type of discussion, they are learning more about the world around them as well as strengthening their logic, memory, and critical thinking skills. This sort of mental stimulation is an excellent way to help seniors stay alert.

Activities director Caryl Geiger confirms, "The current events class is one of the many ways our residents practice lifelong learning. By attending the program, the seniors keep their minds sharp through social engagement." She continues, "This session is a unique opportunity for our seniors to learn the latest news from around the world while conversing with their peers. The opportunity to share and discuss your thoughts with others is more beneficial than reading the paper or watching the news on television alone."

Lee Zuckerman, Eisenberg Village resident, agrees. "Every time I go to the current events class, I'm staying informed on the latest news, participating in discussions, and getting to know my neighbors. What's not to like?"