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Residents Enjoy Films at the Laemmle Theater

Residents Enjoy Films at the Laemmle Theater
Greg Laemmle, Molly Forrest, and the Home's seniors gather
outside of the Encino Laemmle Theater.
Movies and popcorn. A classic pastime. And, for many of us, it's an integral part of life's enjoyments. Thanks to the efforts of Greg Laemmle, residents from the Los Angeles Jewish Home now enjoy films — as well as popcorn and a soft drink — in the Encino Laemmle Theater.
"This is a generation that remembers going to the movies," said Greg Laemmle of the famed Laemmle family. "Going to the theater was a very special experience. It was a weekly occurrence — if not more often — they remember doing for most of their lives." Laemmle has made sure this enriching experience is still very much part of life for seniors at the Jewish Home by opening the doors of the Laemmle Theatre to the Home's seniors at very agreeable rates.
"We try to give back to the community. One way is to make going to the movies accessible for seniors. 
Our overall philosophy is to keep pricing low so more in the community can enjoy going out to see movies in a theater. This keeps the theater experience accessible to our community's seniors," added Laemmle.

According to Jewish Home CEO Molly Forrest, "75% of Jewish Home residents rely upon Medi-Cal. Low income seniors are often on very tight budgets and don't have discretionary funds for going to the movies and other social activities. Through the generosity of Greg Laemmle, many of our residents are enjoying the movies!"
This is particularly important for Jewish Home residents who are considered "Medically Needy Only." Forrest explains, "These seniors, who are on government assistance, only receive $20 per month as a personal allowance. $20 needs to cover a wide range of necessities including over the counter drugs, clothing, personal items such as hearing aid batteries, shampoo, Kleenex and other such items. Obviously $20 cannot cover basic necessities much less pay for telephone service, beauty/barber service or an occasional lunch out or movie going experience."
Getting out into the community for social occasions is beneficial for the well-being of seniors. At all ages, it is important to stay active, socialize and enjoy stimulating activities.  Resident Priscilla Siegel concurs. "This is excellent! What a wonderful idea. Movies are a great escape from everyday life. It is also a way to see different ways of living."
"I've lived in this community for more than 40 years," explained resident Jeanette Crane. "This theater is like home to me! I love film and enjoy being able to still see movies here."
Activities Director Caryl Geiger notes that "the residents always come away from the movie experience with divergent views and lively discussions."
Jewish Home resident Rhoda Newman sums it up best, "I really look forward to going to the theater. It is a great form of entertainment."