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Great Sex at 100? Who Knew? Happy Valentines Day [VIDEO]

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By Ilana Angel

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s easy for a single gal to feel a little sad. It’s the day of love, and even though my life is full of people that I love, and who love me, the one thing that will be missing from Valentine’s Day is sex.  According to countless medical journals, a woman reaches her sexual prime in her 40’s, but if you’re single, there is nobody to have sex with.
Sex is the one thing that separates a relationship from all others.  It is special, important, required and the single greatest thing about being a grown up.  At 44, I have reached a level of comfort when it comes to sex.  I have no hang ups talking about it, or embracing my body so I can enjoy it. Sex is a great thing, and it took me a long time to get to this place.
There is no longer a need to suck in my stomach, or wear lingerie that covers parts that have relocated to new positions.  I may not have the greatest body, but it’s mine, I know it, and I am an expert at operating it.  Who would have thought that at 44 I would feel sexier than I did when I was 24?  It’s a beautiful thing, and it’s being wasted by my lack of sex.
Just when I was about to pour myself a glass of wine, and enjoy an afternoon pity party, I was sent a video that has changed my perspective.  It turns out there is no need to panic.  Even if it takes me a little longer to meet someone worthy of having sex with, I will still be able to have and enjoy sex.  Whether I’m 45, God willing, or 100, God willing, sex is going to be great.
The Los Angeles Jewish Home has created a special video about finding love.  It introduces us to Dorothy and Harry, Jeanette and Ira.  These love birds are in their 80’s, 90’s and yes 100 years old, and they are having sex!  God Bless these crazy kids, and bravo to them for openly talking about their sex lives.  I think they are adorable.
I could still have a pity party because there are people in their 100’s having more sex than me, but instead, I am going to think positive and take comfort in knowing each day I get older does not mean I am one day closer to never having sex, because sex is coming.  Eventually. I will impale myself if my next sexual encounter happens when I’m 100, but it’s coming.
According to the Los Angeles Jewish Home, “being in love can boost self-esteem and decrease depression and anxiety. Being happy in a committed relationship can improve your immune system, leading to fewer colds and visits to the doctor, and can even lower blood pressure.“  Sex is a great thing that also happens to be great for you.  Whoo hoo!!!
Story continued after the video. ED. NOTE: This video really gets cooking at the 2 minute mark.
I hope that everyone has love on Valentine’s Day.  Whether you believe in the holiday or not, it’s a day to embrace love.  I embrace love every day, which is both a blessing and a curse.  Maybe I need to focus less on love and more on sex?  Maybe instead of dating online, or getting set up by my friends, I need to hang out at the Los Angeles Jewish Home.
I’m not going to date a resident, but perhaps I could meet a son, grandson, or doctor, who is also inspired to find love by these love stories.  Mazel Tov to these lovely couples, and congratulations to The Jewish Home for this brilliant piece of marketing.  I’m still having wine, but instead of a pity party, I am toasting to finding love, and knowing it will come if I keep the faith.

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