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Jewish Home Poetry - 'The Jewish Home'

By Ellis Simon, 87...a ten year resident

The Jewish Home is my home and yours
So pick up the phone & arrange the tours
All the residents have a smile on their face
We're the luckiest people in the whole human race

The activities here, and there are quite a few
With over 300 a month, you'll find lots to do
The food's delicious, and plenty of it
You'll like it so much, you'll eat every bit

The doctors here are really the best
And our medical department will pass any test
The nurses, you'll love them, they are really great
And the best part, there's rarely a wait

The friends that you make, will forever be true
You'll love them, and they'll love you
Whether you're seventy, or maybe ninety seven
This is the closest that you'll ever get to Heaven

So give us a call, and get all the news
Then make your move, and then no more blues
To make you happy is the war we are waging
So come on in to the Jewish Home for the Aging

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