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Feeling Sporty? Popular Activities for Seniors

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If you feel like you need to get out more, you’re not alone.  Senior citizens and non-seniors alike are in need of consistent physical exercise.  Sporty activities are an enjoyable way to get your body moving, but not all forms are best for senior citizens.  Seek out those sports that you enjoy and that exert your body to a comfortable degree.  Here are some of the top ranked sports for the active senior:

Recreational Walking-  Nothing beats a pleasant walk. It’s good for your heart, lungs, and sense of well-being.  Pick a route for yourself that’s challenging but not too strenuous.  Make sure your walk has beautiful scenery to look at, and walk at a time when the temperature is nice.

Fitness Walking-  If you want to step it up a bit, walk with the objective of getting in shape as well as pleasure.  Try some light handweights to work your arms, or simply do low-impact arm exercises while walking.  Get your heart beat up to whatever feels comfortable and slightly challenging.

Treadmill Exercise-  When the weather isn’t great, or your neighborhood doesn’t feel as inviting as you’d prefer, try a treadmill at your local healthclub or senior center.  Treadmills are great because you can choose the degree of incline and intensity.  It’s sometimes nice to get on the treadmill during your favorite television show or movie, if you can manage it.

Stretching-  Stretching is so important for senior citizens.  Light stretches through gentle yoga or simple stretches of your own are a great way to start your day or complete a workout.  Stretch a little bit throughout the day to keep the joints and muscles loose and warm. 

Golf-  Golf is very popular among senior citizens and for good reason.  The combination of walking, fresh air, and sunshine make it a pleasing and invigorating sport.  Add to that a competitive edge and the technique of the game, and you have a sport that exercies both your body and your spirit.

Recreational Vehicle Camping-  Take your home with you!  Camping provides exercise and excitement.  Go on hikes, swim, and fish.  It’s a wonderful way to travel and move your body.

Free weights-  Light handweights are a great way to exercise the muscles, important for reducing bone loss and osteoperosis.  Start with light weights and fewer repetitions, then work your way up to what’s challenging but comfortable.

Freshwater Fishing
-  Fishing can offer peace and tranquility, along with working the muscles in your arms and torso. 

Weight Resistance Machines-  If you have time and access to a gym, weight resistance machines are worth their weight in gold for seniors.  Check out your local senior center or gym.  If you have the means to do it, a personal trainer can tailor a workout especially to your needs.

Recreational Swimming- Swimming if generous on your joints.  Water is invigorating and challenging on the body.  There’s no better full-body workout than swimming!

Bowling-  There are tons of senior bowling groups around, and everyone agrees there’s nothing more fun than bowling with friends.  If you’re feeling a little more competitive, join a league in your area.

Stationary Cycling-  If you worry about the possibilty of falling and injuring yourself on a regular bike, a stationary bike can provide the same workout without the worry.  It’s a tremendous full-body exercise.

Day Hiking-  Take a day to hike in a nearby park or mountainscape.  Try a hike on the beach.  You can even bring a picnic basket!

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