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Is Facebook Part of Your Estate? — How to Pass Digital Assets to the Next Generation

When you begin creating or updating your estate plan, you’ll likely spend the bulk of your time on these two points: determining which assets you have and deciding which people and charities will receive these items after your lifetime. But have you given a thought to your online legacy and passing on your digital assets?

Management Tips
Digital assets include files and information stored in online accounts (like e-mail), domain names, online storage accounts and various social network sites. To help you gain some control over these assets, consider these helpful tips:
  • Identify all of your online assets – email, Facebook, PayPal, bank accounts, etc.
  • List the usernames, passwords, and security questions and answers, along with the accounts, on a computer spreadsheet that can be easily updated. The list should be stored on a USB flash drive or CD or printed and placed in a safe location such as a fireproof safe or safe-deposit box.
  • Share the location of your list with a trusted person, such as your spouse or a loyal friend.
  • Meet with an estate planning attorney to create a plan that will allow for easy transfer of your digital estate to your heirs.
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