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A Jewish Home Resident's Opening Day Streak

One of our very own Jewish Home residents holds a record with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Nettie Berkson, 95, has been to every home opening game since the franchise moved to LA in 1958. Although this year Nettie will be spending the game at the Jewish Home, her 52-year streak was certainly one for the books. As a matter of fact, it was so impressive, the Dodgers actually wrote a story about it.
"When the Dodgers came out in 1958, I became a Dodgers fan and went to the first Opening Day at the Coliseum," Berkson said. "Baseball was a good reason to go out. I bought season tickets the year Dodger Stadium opened [1962] and have had them every year, but gave them up this year because it's gotten hard for me to do. I guess I'm a lifetime fan -- I'm 95 years and still going."
 This isn't the first time Netti's dedication to her home team was noticed by the media. Prior to attending her 50th opening game in 2007, she was covered by both the Daily News and the Wall Street Journal.

Nettie is one of the many remarkable residents here at the Jewish Home.

Nettie Berkson and family with Dodgers owner Frank McCourt in 2010.

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