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No More Driving

By Nettie Freeman, 87
Los Angeles Jewish Home resident

Since becoming a resident of the Los Angeles Jewish Home in September 2009, I cannot innumerate the countless benefits of living in this fabulous facility. However, I must admit there is one phase of my past that I miss tremendously.

I was an excellent driver for over 55 years, with a commendable record. In fact, in most recent years when many of my friends had to give up driving, I was the “designated driver.” Driving on the freeway, driving at night, escorting my friends to countless doctor appointments, shopping trips—they were no challenge for me.

And then, lo and behold, my own driving abilities began to falter. Before I knew it I had to forsake my driver’s license and, alas, my life changed. The freedom of hopping in the car and running my errands at will was indeed a privilege. One doesn’t realize the extent of that freedom until you can no longer exercise it.

I promised myself that when that day came, I would be noble and accept it valiantly. But that is easier said than done. Often times I find myself in the “oh dear” mood, but fortunately I’ve overcome it quickly. I realize there are far worse compromises in life than not driving.

Talking to other residents here at the Jewish Home, we all have the same lament: “Oh, how I miss my driving!”

But we have all adjusted and take advantage of our volunteer drivers, city-ride, Access, taxis—yes, life goes on, even without a driver’s license.

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